Welcome to KLE College

Let us not be sycophantic in the perception of our campus. Our college indeed has an aesthetic aura which instills an educative sprit in the seclusion of its surroundings. It implores not to be judged boastful as there are ample proofs to substantiate that the serene and exotic campus is one of the prime motivating factors that draws students to get enrolled here.

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Welcome to K.L.E.S S.Nijalingappa College

Dr. Prabhakar B Kore, MP
Chairman, KLE Society, Belgaum
banner_img_01.jpg The legendary architect of a resurgent KLE that has grown from 38 in 1984 into an organization of global excellence of 211 institutions.

The progressive leader whose missionary zeal & firm commitment  have pioneered the KLE march in health sciences education & research.

The compassionate soul who has brought state-of-the-art health care services to the door-step of the people.

The world citizen who has ensured cross-cultural integration through international academic collaborations.

The messiah who has become a local-lore by providing urban infrastructure in the rural areas to harness the local talent.

The rare visionary who has redefined & redesigned the KLE for the 21st century.

The accomplished educationist who has led the KLE relentlessly along the path envisioned by the ‘Saptarishis’!.

Everyone at KLE congratulates him for his ceaseless & spectacular Chairmanship for over 25 years.

The K.L.E Society

A Rich Heritage of Education

The K.L.E. Society, perhaps, the largest voluntary education organization in the country has its origin in 1916, thanks to an inspired team of noble young men who dedicated their lives and energies to the cause of education.
The three great selfless visionary Founder Members Sri. Sarda


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Mission And Vision


  • To Adapt and Excel.
  • To ignite the young minds in the learning environment of high academic excellence by channelizing and synchronizing their energies with scientific competence.
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Latest News


BCA Valedictory function
- i -Fest Computer Club 2013-2014


- BCA Farewell party


Department of Tourism Administration(MTA) Organizing One Day National Level ...


Admission open for academic year 2014-2015 started



05-04-2014 to 29-04-2014

5th Alumni meet
11th and 12th Fest & NLS
24th , 25th & 26th - Second Internals for II and IV Semeste


01-04-2014 to 30-04-2014

Preparatory practical exams
Commencement of final Practical Examination
Farewell/Valedictory for final year

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